Our Story

Now when we look back, it is hard to believe that a business idea could have stemmed from a funny conversation between two gizmo freak friends. One fine evening, after getting sick and tired of my father’s monotonous business, I (that is Rahil) desperately started wanting a way out of it. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Jenil who already had an ongoing E-commerce website was also looking to expand his business. We both were sure of doing something related to mobile accessories. As there was a huge demand for customized products, we soon saw the opportunity to get into the manufacturing of mobile phone cases. Knowing myself as a self-proclaimed Apple worshipper, I would not have let that discussion end there. So, I went back home and googled my heart out to understand the technical know-how of making a quality-induced phone case. To my surprise, within a week I made one for my iPhone which turned out to be “pretty impressive”! Slowly the word started spreading amongst all our friends and I thought that it was time to start Nimbu Mirchi Designs in a small setup with an intention and a promise to myself to make this baby grow in a phenomenal way with each passing year.
What on earth does Nimbu Mirchi mean?
Soon everyone around started hunting for names for a company that manufactures unique phone cases. The core idea was to give a perfect makeover to one’s phone case and make it look magnificent. We always wanted to give a brand name that not only sounds quirky but also resonated in a way that was impossible to forget. After much brainstorming, we came up with a couple of catchy and weird names, However, we wanted a very household name, and one such name- Nimbumirchi stuck with us as those who live in India know what a big deal it is. Nimbumirchi protects your home, offices, vehicles, and everything you love from evil. And, we were also technically doing the same thing, protecting your precious phone cases from evil. We unanimously agreed and within 2 days our company got its official name!
Behind every Start-Up is your Home where it all began
It all began in 2013 in Jenil’s outer balcony where we installed a small machine and started doing just about everything in that little space. However, being one of the few companies manufacturing phone cases in India, the orders gradually started pouring in with each passing day and today we can proudly say that we have established our very own manufacturing unit.
Start-Up Got Wings to Fly:
With phone cases, there was no looking back. The business had now shifted gears and started expanding day by day. A business that commenced as a hobby had slowly found its own identity as a brand to reckon with.
Eventually, Jenil decided to part ways with Nimbumirchi and it was all upon my shoulders to make the right decisions to keep the business afloat singlehandedly. We soon expanded and ventured into numerous products and because we stay in the heart of the city, we explored a lot in the gifting business. We had brands that were approaching us for merchandising and soon I realized about its niche market and got into corporate gifting as a new venture. Today, not only do we provide customized gifting options to our customers, but we also provide hands to our corporate clients.
Team Nimbu Mirchi Designs:
When you step into our office, there are chances you mistake it to be a club! Yes, you read it right! We can’t function without music and when it comes to working, we are fiercely competitive and give our 200%. We have a relaxed work environment so that our team is always hyper-productive and high on energy. With extreme discussions, unimaginable laughter, brainstorming ideas to endless differences of opinions; the one thing that remains constant is our love and passion for Nimbumirchi which will always be extremely extreme. We would be more than happy to host you if you ever plan to visit us. We’ll make sure you get truly Mirchied!!!